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I help women reconnect to their body and reclaim their health.

For the last 8 years, I’ve helped women do this so they can feel confident in every stage of the pregnancy journey. I believe all our health needs can be met from a place of connected awareness to our physical bodies. Understanding that our body send constant message in the form of sensations, tinges, pains and even thoughts can transform the way we feel in our life. We can truly accomplish any goal, be it a natural and peaceful birth to starting our own business when we deeply trust our connection to our body.

Midwifery called me to help women find the trust and connection that can get lost in our fast paced world. The journey into motherhood is one that can be powerful and scary. I believe the more we trust ourselves as a birthing person, the more peaceful world we can create for our children. When babies have a gentle start in life, their opportunity for a vital, healthy life is magnified.

I love communing with nature. Plants are powerful healers, so you can usually find me eating weeds and making tinctures when I'm not holding babies (or chasing my growing toddler).


For over 12 years I’ve guided, educated and consulted with women about their health and herbal medicine. I’ve supported over 200 women who chose to birth at home or in a birth center.

I’ve helped over 100 women regulate their periods, get pregnant and have comfortable and easy pregnancies.**

Stephanie is wonderful! Every time I see her, she really goes above and beyond to understand my symptoms and how I’m feeling. She puts a lot of thought into ensure she provides the best advice and products to improve my health and well-being. If you want to feel better, go see Stephanie!
— Amanda B
I came into the office feeling a bit in the dark with my health. I didn’t want to see a regular PCP and I just had a bunch of questions. Stephanie was very patient and knowledgeable and answered all of my questions and more.

Anyone that is wanting to create a shift in their life and feel heard and understood would gain from coming to Stephanie! She has such a big heart & I can tell she truly loves helping people. I am so grateful I found her!
— Jacqueline G.
Stephanie is amazing! Both as a teacher and a practitioner, I have experienced her kind, generous, down-to-earth and non-judgmental character. She always gives her honest professional opinion and makes you feel very comfortable with whatever journey you decide to take. She is very knowledgeable and has a very broad range of experience, making her advice hold weight in many different lights!
— Keslie B